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At a time when we both question and feel overwhelmed by information, the archive acts as a condensed space where everything is stored that bears value and meaning. Ideally that representation is as objective as possible, but that's an almost impossible state to reach. Documents are not innocent raw material, but express society's power over memory and over the future. Because the document is what remains to explain the past, archivists are in a difficult position amongst choosing what is to be kept.

On the 15th May 2019, at AMP Studios London an exhibition took place with an installation of found and printed material about global warming, sourced online, erasing any trace of its origin. The audience then took over the position of the archivist, deciding what is significant to be preserved and what is not. Each person was part of constructing a narrative out of found materials, that will influence what is going to be remembered.


Book 2 "(De)constructing the Archive" is part of a set of publications and consists of handmade paper out of the shredded material that the audience chose to erase from history. 

Book 1 "Constructing the Archive" is part of a set of publications and consists of the content that the audience chose to preserve.



Group meeting idea generation of what the exhibition will be about and what shape it would take

Ideas for exhibition set up

Experimentation for exhibit