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Born and raised in Tokyo, graduated A-levels and Bachelor of Arts in London, Lemie Saza is an interdisciplinary designer who often creates installations through her fascination in the disturbance fo tranquility to alter the audience's fixed perspective on a subject. Often inspired with shapes from environment she creates abstract form that emanate elegance creating a serene ambience in space where her work is present.

Her time in university focused on how a complex idea could be communicated fluently through the use of design through various mediums not only within the confines of a digital medium. Rather her design frequently uses all the human senses to bring out a more tactile connection with the audience.

Work Experience

2021/01 - Current

Art Director

SWiTCH (NPO), Tokyo, Japan

2017/05 - Current

Art Director

LUCKY Fountain Co.,Ltd., Tokyo, Japan


Stockholm+50 UN Environment Programme

Japan Youth Representative

Stockholm, Sweden

2021/10 - 2021/11

UN COP26 Japan Youth Representative

Glasgow, United Kingdom


2021 Graduate

University of the Arts London: Central Saint Martins

BA(Hons) Graphic Communications Design



University of the Arts London:

Design for Sustainability Course


2021 LVMH Maison 0 Award Nominee


2018/10 - 2018/11

Event Management

ModMag London

2018/07 - 2018/09

Creative Director

Ogilvy & Mather

Group Exhibition


TM Lighting Gallery - London, United Kingdom

Shibuya PARCO - Tokyo, Japan


KARSEE KASHIMA, Co., Ltd. - Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Marui - Tokyo, Japan

Coppice Kichijoji - Tokyo, Japan

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