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Mizuki Tochigi's STREAM

Curation of upcycled jewellery

UAL: Central Saint Martins | 2021
Collaboration: Tochigi Mizuki / KARSEE.Co.,Ltd.

Duration: 1 month

Size: 2m x 2.5m x 1m

Material: [STREAM: Plastic Bottle, Metal][Curation: Paper, fishing line] 
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Collaborator Tochigi Mizuki link:

instagram: @mizukitochigi_jewellery



| Background | 

Stream by Tochigi Mizuki is a jewellery collection centred around upcycling plastic bottles. People's view of plastic bottles are that of waste after its single use, but by stripping the plastic bottle into strands, it is reborn as a new jewellery material. 

The exhibition took place inside an office at Ginza, Tokyo Japan. The space had no designated area for an exhibition. Hence, it was key to create an atmosphere that could stand on its own with an air of an exhibition.



STREAM Exhibit


Tochigi Mizuki's STREAM Jewellery

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