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Morning Sky

Designing concrete art mural

SWiTCH NPO | 2021
Collaboration: J One Co., Ltd

Duration: 1 months

Size: 5m x 2.5m

Material: Concrete, Rocks, Porcelain

Location: Japan

Can the infrastructure industry accelerate in sustainability with technology + design?


| Background | 

The morning sky appears everyday by cutting through the darkness of the night. 

J-one, a concrete company based in Japan, has created a sustainable method of eliminating the two step process of making the concrete flat, then adding a decorative sheet on top, into a one step process by embedding decorative rocks inside the concrete, then flattening the surface by shaving, which also is the process that shows the decorative rocks that has been embedded within the concrete.

The process of spreading the rocks, embedding them into concrete, then shaving the surface, is similar to that of the morning sky. The light from the sky sinks when the night approaches, but slowly makes its reappearance as if it is chipping away parts of the night.


| Idea Illustration | 


| Making | 



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